Jason Smith does it again!

For the 2nd year in a row, and only the 2nd time in history, a single rider has won all 3 NAHA Exhibition classes and the X-Climb class!  Team Action Machine’s Jason Smith pulled off the unprecedented feat with a clean sweep of all 3 Exhibition classes at the Big Nasty, Sept. 12-14th in New Plymouth, ID.  Unfortunately, daylight ran out before the X-Climb class could be run, but Smith had that wrapped up already too after the 4th round.jason_smith_1

Congratulations to Jason Smith for his incredible performance, again, and to all the other riders who put in dominating performances of their own, just to be overshadowed by Smith.  Logan Mead in particular, who came in 2nd in 3 classes and 3rd in the other, had an excellent year, and Travis Whitlock managed a top-3 finish as well.  Nick Beer came in at #3 overall in the X-Climb class, and Max Simmons makes two top-3 appearances at third place in the 450cc and 700cc Exhibition classes!

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