Harold Waddell injured

Multi-time NAHA pro national champion Harold Waddell was injured during practice at a motocross track this past weekend, and is currently being treated at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Harold’s family has been a huge part of the hillclimb community for decades, and our thoughts are definitely with him as we wish for a full and speedy recovery.

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Update 10/19/2013 – a note from Harold’s wife Ashley:

25 days ago Harold sustained one of the most unthinkable accidents on a dirt bike. It gives me chills to even think back to that day. Right now he is still in rehab and is working very hard through both physical and occupational therapy. We are looking ahead and making arrangements to facilitate his transition back into our home. I can’t begin to describe how far he has come given his circumstances. He makes the most of each and every day and continues to keep such a positive outlook. The motivation that Harold has brings the passion for his life and his sport to a whole new level. Each day is a blessing and we are so thankful for friends, family, each other, and life itself.

Harold’s mom Doris would like everyone to know how much Harold and the family appreciates all the support they’ve received from the hillclimb community…and apparently that his biggest disappointment so far is that he doesn’t remember the helicopter ride to the hospital.