AMA District 23

District 23 is the state of Minnesota, which also has it's own separate

rider's organization: the Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association (ARMCA).

Buying a D23 membership card makes you a member of ARMCA.  Like

districts 16 and 17, D23/ARMCA sanctions both on- and off-road events,

including non-competitive trail rides.  You can find complete event schedules

on ARMCA's website:

The district chairman is Mike Quinn - (507) 288-2612

The district hillclimb class reps are:

Tim Cain - (651) 442-3888

Kaleb Northrup - (651) 303-3957

Information on the other district officials can be found on the ARMCA website.

CycleUSA is the official newspaper of District 23 - you can subscribe here.


I have the District 23 hillclimb schedule and current points posted.