Nationals in Red Wing – The Recap!

2017 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship

August 5th & 6th, 2017 – Indianhead Motorcycle Club – Red Wing, MN

Kaleb Northrup –

For the 5th time since 1989, the AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship returned to Indianhead Motorcycle Club in Red Wing, MN – a unique motorsports location which has been in use for so long that the city actually grew up around it.  Since 1949, IMC has hosted motorcycle hillclimbs in the same exact location…but originally, like most motorsports events, the event grounds were kind of out in the middle of nowhere.  In the nearly 70 years that have gone by, though, the city of Red Wing has grown up around IMC’s club grounds, such that it’s practically in the middle of town now – right next door are apartments, family neighborhoods, and the city’s baseball fields and hockey arenas.  In fact, the city allows IMC to use the hockey arenas for event parking (they tend not to be used much during the summer anyway). Continue reading


On behalf of Indianhead M/C, THANK YOU to everyone who came out this weekend and took part in what turned out to be an awesome event here in Red Wing, MN!  The official entry count was 473 – over 100 more than our last nationals in 2006.  And the place was packed with friends, family, and spectators!  Everyone had a blast, and everyone who came out was just the best!

Gonna take me a little bit yet to get an article written and photos corralled, but in the meantime, click this here picture to wrap your eyes around the full results!

Oh, and congratulations to Carson Roschen, the AMA Youth Hillclimber of the Year, Kirk Mueller, the AMA Vet/Senior Hillclimber of the Year, and Bodee O’Neil, the AMA Amateur Hillclimber of the Year!  And to Kirk Mueller again for winning the King of the Hill national championship too!


There’s only a few days left before the 2017 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship!  Everybody at Indianhead Motorcycle Club has been in overdrive getting everything ready…here’s a pic of the hill from yesterday…a team of 4 Bobcats rennovated the entire hill from top to bottom, and then the sprinklers went on.

Final prep is all but done…nothing left to do but wait for the awesome to start.  This is gonna be great – see you all in a few days!

New record set for entries at Indianhead M/C!

You know, you guys kind of drive me nuts when it comes to nationals…because at least half of you wait until the last possible moment to register.  But I have to say…this year you guys signed up in droves!

The last time nationals were held at Indianhead M/C was 2006 – and that year, there were 372 entries.  Which, as best as I can tell, had been the most entries ever at an event at IMC.

I don’t want to give too much away ahead of the event…but let’s just say that this year’s volume of entries absolutely blows that number away!  Like, to say “we set a new record” doesn’t really cut it – the increase in entries is just incredible!

So thanks to everybody who’s signed up for the event!  The club has been going gangbusters lately getting everything ready, and it’s gonna be awesome!  See you in about 3 weeks!


There are now less than 2 days left to sign up for the 2017 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship.  Today and tomorrow.  Registration automatically closes at midnight tomorrow night, July 7th.  So you have until the very end of tomorrow to get it done.

Click me to go to registration!

So from this point, that’s about 39 hours.  Registration has been open for over four months, and now there’s 39 hours left.  Everyone wants to see you at the event.  Everyone wants to see you race.  Don’t let everyone down…get signed up RIGHT NOW!