NAHA 3-peat!

In 2013, Jason Smith did the impossible – he won all 3 NAHA pro exhibition classes, plus the X-Climb.  In 2014, he did it again.  And now, in 2015…he did it again.  Wow.


To say that the feat is unprecedented is to make a ridiculous understatement.  The last time Jason Smith didn’t win everything was in 2012…and in that year, Bret Peterson almost made a clean sweep – winning 3 of the 4 available classes.  You know who won that other class that year, spoiling Bret’s bid for total domination?  Jason Smith.

Big huge congratulations to Jason Smith and Team Action Machine!  And props to Tyler Cardwell, who came up #2 in 3 of those classes himself this year…generally losing the championship by an annoyingly small number of points.  So close…yet so far…