2016 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship

The 2016 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship will be held on a brand-new hill in Neoga, IL, hosted by Pleasure Riders Motorcycle Club.  The dirt work will be getting done this fall, and the club is aiming for about 250′ of hill.  More information will be posted here as well as on the PRMC website – for now, just mark down July 29th-31st, 2016 – an earlier date than usual to make it easier on some school kids.


NAHA 3-peat!

In 2013, Jason Smith did the impossible – he won all 3 NAHA pro exhibition classes, plus the X-Climb.  In 2014, he did it again.  And now, in 2015…he did it again.  Wow.


To say that the feat is unprecedented is to make a ridiculous understatement.  The last time Jason Smith didn’t win everything was in 2012…and in that year, Bret Peterson almost made a clean sweep – winning 3 of the 4 available classes.  You know who won that other class that year, spoiling Bret’s bid for total domination?  Jason Smith.

Big huge congratulations to Jason Smith and Team Action Machine!  And props to Tyler Cardwell, who came up #2 in 3 of those classes himself this year…generally losing the championship by an annoyingly small number of points.  So close…yet so far…

4 more days…

…to get your entries in for the 2015 Hill Drags event at Indianhead M/C in Red Wing, MN!  In conjunction with the Flood Run weekend, on Sept. 19th IMC is hosting a hill drags with cash payback for all classes, and a guaranteed $1,000 prize for Top Eliminator!

Click the giant image of the registration form to open it – print it out, fill it out, and send it in!  Sept. 12th is the deadline for rider signup, and you sure as heck don’t want to miss the funnest hillclimb event of the year!


And don’t forget that IMC is also hosting a Semi-Pro climb on the 20th following the drags – cash payback to all classes, and you get to run paddle tires and alcohol if you want!  Both the hill drags and semi-pro event are being run in accordance with AMA rules, and that allows for paddle tires and alcohol (in your bike, not in you) on Sunday.

Registration for the semi-pro climb is on race day like usual.

Classes for the Semi-Pro event:

  • 126-250cc
  • 251-450cc
  • 451-600cc
  • 601-800cc
  • Open (801cc & up)

Valley Springs rained out…

On behalf of Valley Springs M/C, let me say that we greatly appreciate the huge number of riders who came out to our event today, from distant locales like Indiana, North Dakota and Nebraska.  We had 313 entries ready and raring to go…

…but Mother Nature was not in a good mood today.  We had to start late due to rain, and then had to call a rain delay only a couple hours into the event…then restarted only to finally have to cancel it for good as the rain returned.  Had the rain not returned after the late start, it was looking like it was going to be a great event…

Because the first round was not completed, the event does not count for district points at all.  Having said that, and in light of the fact that a great many riders didn’t get to ride at all today, VSMC would like to offer ALL riders free entry at our next event in 2016.  We’ll keep a record of the number of classes entered by each rider, and those riders will get credit to enter up to that number of classes for free at our next event.

If anyone does need to get their money back right away, please contact VSMC by sending an email to valleyspringsmc@gmail.com, and we’ll get a check in the mail.

Obviously there’s nothing anyone can do about the weather, but we’re still super bummed about having to call the event off.  Thanks again for the huge support shown by riders and fans for our climbs, and we’ll look forward to seeing you next year!

Valley Springs M/C start time

…we’ve been getting a few calls from people wondering if there’s a typo on the schedule…there isn’t.  The climb this weekend at Bay City, WI starts at 9:00am.  We tend to get a very large number of entries, and being later in the year we have less daylight to work with…so we start an hour earlier than other events to make sure we get the event done.  So plan on getting to VSMC a little earlier, and be signed up by 8:30am.

Hope to see everyone there…it’s gonna be great!