CMJ Raceway to offer 2-stroke class on 8/2/15

Chris at CMJ Raceway just let me know that they’ll be offering the new and hugely-popular 2-stroke exhibition class at the Hixton, WI climb on August 2nd.  It’s been run at Red Wing and Mankato, MN this year and has immediately been the same size as the 450 class, as riders with CR/KX 500s and such jump at the chance for an extra ride on the hill.  At Red Wing we were running it as 86-600cc, so anything basically from a 125 to an overbored KTM 550 fits right in.  Don’t let the 2-stroke sit there while the 4-strokes get an extra class…double up on your 2-stroke too!


One of the last true “works” bikes ever made – 1988 Yamaha YZM 500 – the only liquid-cooled 500 Yamaha ever made…dig the aluminum frame, many years ahead of it’s time!  At one point there was a claim of 72 horsepower from this motor :O

NAHA mid-season standings

NAHA New banner3Mid-season standings after 3 of 6 rounds in the NAHA pro series have been posted on the NAHA website.  Jason Smith, who won all 4 pro classes last year, currently has the lead in 3 of the 4 classes – having dropped to 5th place in the 450cc Exhibition class.  Joe Shipman is the man in charge in that class at the moment…will Smith be able to regain the lead in the 450 class while maintaining the lead in the others?  Will Shipman stay in control of the 450 class for the rest of the season?  And what about the other top 5-ish riders, like Logan Mead, Bret Peterson, Tyler Cardwell, and Dusty & Nick Beer?  There’s 3 events left – plenty of time for more shuffling of the deck.

Joe Shipman - current 450cc Exhibition points leader

Joe Shipman – current 450cc Exhibition points leader