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Taylor Marquardt poses for the camera with her KTM 50 hillclimber.
Sometimes Darren Degross likes to just sit on his Banshee, out in the middle of nowhere.
Alex Gerdes crests the hill at Hixton, WI.
The unmarked police car in the background just clocked Arnie Jelinek at about a bazillion miles an hour.  Well...maybe not quite that fast.  But close.
Curtis Sullivan tops the hill on his huge Harley-Davidson.
Danny Mears in flight on his KTM 380.  Yes, I know it's green.  Trust me - it's a KTM.
Am I imagining things, or are Dennis Jelinek's eyes shut?
Jay Sallstrom floats over the top on his KTM 200.
The Red Wing, MN hill suffers the wrath of Jeremy Johnson and his KX 65.
Kurt Koester on his huge Pete Loomis-built KZ.
Mitch Koester attacks the hill with a wide-open riding style that can only be described as...nutty.
Zach Degross prepares for the second stage of the New Ulm, MN hill.
TC Allen on his Yamaha XS 650 at Kewaskum, WI.
Old school!  Bill Vander Veen from way back in the day.  Crazy, man.  Seriously - he was a crazy man.  I saw him ride...

Here's a batch of photos courtesy of Col's Motosports Photograpy - be sure to check out their site, they have photos from many MN hillclimbs available for purchase.


These are (from top left): Duane Walser, Jay Curtis, Jay Sallstrom, Justin Odegaard, Kevin Braun, Kirk Mueller, Kurt Koester, Scott Braun, Steve Cain and Todd Cipala.  These guys made the King of the Hill class at the 2005 Flying Dutchmen hillclimb in New Ulm, MN.

And then a bunch of yours truly, Kaleb Northrup:


Here's a big collection of photos from the 2006 World Trophy hillclimb in Decazeville, France - courtesy of Ken Faught.


Jason Smith  59 - Stephane Pierrel 4 - Jeff Thomas  17 - Herve Poirot 2 - Travis Whitlock 56

Ken Long 16 - Patrick Brunier 3 - Robie Peterson 57 - Xavier Boutiton 1 - Dave Watson 60

Riho Kollist 23 - Bret Peterson 58 - Marcel V.D. Akke 38 - Eriki Salak 22 - Don Beer 20

Michel Wissen 52 - Michael Resch 10 - Lars Nonn 9 - Josef Hofstetter  8 - Vallo Poder  12

Here's a few of Dan Dvorak from slightly back-in-the-day:

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