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Aaron Prebe launches his KTM 200, while Todd Cipala helps Kaleb Northrup get ready in the next lane at Red Wing, MN.
Brad Cain takes off on the big Honda 4-banger at New Ulm, MN.
Mike Bronk crests a nasty, rock-filled hill on his enormous Yamaha FJ.
Todd Cipala in the air on his dominating Harley-Davidson.
Corey Danberry airs out his big Harley.
Jamie Griecar returns to Earth after sailing over the hill at Hixton, WI.
Jacob Prebe attacks the Red Wing, MN hill brandishing his National #1 plate.
Arnie Jelinek knows no fear on his 3-cylinder Triumph.  Or, for that matter, on anything else.
Jeremy Johnson clears the first stage at New Ulm, MN.
Mitch Koester would do well to listen to father "California" Kurt's advice...but we all know he's just itching to hammer it and see what happens ;)
Danny Mears comes in for a landing on his potent KTM 380.
The top 6 Jr. Mini finishers at the 2004 Midwest Championship - from left, Jammin' Joe McGurer, Jeremy Johnson, Drew Daniels, Jackson Exner, Logan Cipala, and winner Zach DeGross.
Here's the top 6 200cc class finishers from the same event...from the left, Ryan Stevermer, James Marquardt, Aaron Prebe, Dan Mears, Nate Redmann, and winner Jay Sallstrom.
The top 7 250cc class finishers squeezed into this frame - Aaron Prebe, Rob Fuemmeler, Steve Cain, Arnie Jelinek, Kirk Muller, Mike Wood, and winner Ryan Peterson.
Here's the top 6 Open class finishers - Brad Cain, Mike Wood, Kurt Koester, Toby Mueller, Duane Walser and winner Todd Cipala.
2004 750cc National Champion Kirk Mueller unleashes his 750cc Kawasaki triple.
2004 750cc Midwest Champion (and runner-up to Kirk Mueller in D23) Kaleb Northrup catches some air...
Dominating ATV competitor Josh Perry lets his Banshee sing...
Nate Redmann goes skyward on his trick KTM 125.
Steve Cain lands his YZ250 at Hixton, WI.
Jay Sallstrom points his machine skyward at the Flying Dutchmen hill in New Ulm, MN.
John Steinmetz aims for the second stage at New Ulm, MN.
Mike Wood launches his powerful (and beautiful) Harley-Davidson.

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