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post-1-56361-tigerstrank1102.jpeg (75922 bytes) AMA Pro extraordinaire Tiger Strank pulls the trigger on his nitro-burning R1 and heads for a low-earth orbit.  I love the smell of nitro in the morning!  Smells like...nitro!
825.jpg (170487 bytes) Here goes dear old Dad (Bud Northrup) on Jason's CR500...he used to be fast.  Really!  Just ask him...
evosprt.jpg (56550 bytes) In an inexplicable moment of exuberance, Steve Shafer gets tha hog off tha ground!
Arnold.Jelinek.jpg (83241 bytes) Arnie Jelinek again - bringing the big Triumph triple in for a landing...
Brad.Cain.jpg (105851 bytes) Here's Brad Cain on his "old" Triumph.  It's almost as fast as mine!  ;)
Chad.Koopmsa.jpg (76109 bytes) Chad Koopsma is...well...I guess I'm not sure exactly what he's trying to do here!  :p
Chris.Halverson.jpg (88396 bytes) Chris Halverson tops the hill at Hixton, WI
Dan.Shaha.jpg (87255 bytes) Dan Shaha hangs on for dear life as his CR claws for the sky...
Duane.Walser.jpg (114946 bytes) Duane Walser prepares for lift-off on his H-D
Gary.Waddell.jpg (128438 bytes) Here we have Gary Waddell again - this time a more current photo on his CR 500...or is that Harold's?
Jamie.Greicar.jpg (94564 bytes) Another one of Jamie Greicar, keeping his balance over the top...
Josh.Mueller.jpg (77210 bytes) Josh Mueller, sporting the #1 plate,  wheelies his KX 80 over the top
Justin.Odegaard.jpg (118664 bytes) Justin Odegaard over the top on his Buell...probably just now realizing that he's run out of hill...  ;)
Kaleb.Northrup.jpg (117214 bytes) "I'm sure there's a hill around here somewhere" I'm thinking to myself as I scamper about in the weeds...
Max.Sharp.jpg (94801 bytes) "Mad" Max Sharp administers a healthy dose of throttle on his way up the hill...
Mitchell.Koester.jpg (98966 bytes) Going straight up the hill is way too boring for Mitch Koester...anybody can do that!
Tod.Hintz.jpg (121046 bytes) Todd Hintz is the first  ATV rider to make it into the photo gallery...  (hint hint ATV guys)
Troy.Sherwood.jpg (95722 bytes) Troy Sherwood crests the hill on his YZF...
Will.Olsen.jpg (109573 bytes) Will Olson claws his way up the hill in New Ulm, MN
015_12a.jpg (425660 bytes) Here we have the inimitable Roger Riddell aka "Mr. Backwards" scaling the Pleasure Riders hill in Cayuga, IN - backwards.
scan0007.jpg (970149 bytes) Cody Bachli motors his CR 500 to the top...

The Monson Monster claims another victim...this time it's Donnie Pinsonnault losing contact with his slick RD 400.

...and here's a close-up shot of Donnie's sweet ride - that's one slick machine!

Caleb Emory attacks the Pleasure Riders hill in Cayuga, IN.

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