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Ashley Eiken.jpg (111055 bytes)

Ashley Eiken powers the big Harley over the top...

Dennis Eiken.jpg (108599 bytes) ...while Dennis Eiken whips a nac-nac - I think.
Bobbi Cipala.jpg (111376 bytes) Bobbi Jo Cipala, former national champion, eyes the hill before launching.
Todd Cipala (7).jpg (271626 bytes) Todd Cipala, Bobbi's hubby, also with national championships to his credit, cuts the triple loose at Red Wing.
Brent Donaldson.jpg (94559 bytes) Brent Donaldson charges the Red Wing hill on his KTM.
Chuck Neinfeldt.jpg (80896 bytes) Chuck Neinfeldt has no throttle control problems.  He yanks it open and leaves it there.  No problem!
Craig Schultz.jpg (127297 bytes) Craig Schultz goes for the freestyle trick where you touch your helmet on the front fender...then remembers he doesn't have one.  :p
Dan Prebe.jpg (102837 bytes) Dan Prebe aims his KTM 200 skyward...
Danny Mears.jpg (95947 bytes) Danny Mears, also with national championship trophies at home, wrings his triple for all it's worth...
Dennis Jelinek.jpg (102011 bytes) seems nobody ever told Dennis Jelinek that riders in the senior class are supposed to go slow.
Harry Exner.jpg (95519 bytes) Harry Exner brandishes the coveted #1 plate on his CR80.
Jason Sternitzke.jpg (71298 bytes) Jason Sternitzke pilots his KX60 over the top with a fistfull of throttle.
Jay Sallstrom.jpg (87814 bytes) Jay Sallstrom catches air at Wisconsin Rapids.
John Curtis.jpg (120470 bytes) John Curtis takes an...interesting approach at the hill at Mankato.  ;)
Kirk Mueller.jpg (107702 bytes) Kirk Mueller is no zero!  Even if his numberplate says so.  Bad, bad numberplate!
Lloyd Mueller.jpg (99349 bytes) Lloyd "Toby" Mueller on his big bad Harley.  My, what big...cylinders you have!
Micro Mini Class.jpg (121696 bytes) The official term for a large group of peewee riders is a "gaggle."  I reckon.
Mike Bronk.jpg (106990 bytes) Multi-time national champ Mike Bronk, also the District 16 hillclimb referee, drops the hammer on the big FJ.
Nate Redmann.jpg (135872 bytes) Nate Redmann prepares to remind us exactly why he's sporting the 1N (National #1) plate in his class.
Zach Degross.jpg (123671 bytes) Zach Degross uses his scary helmet to intimidate his competitors.  That, and his riding skill...
SJHILLearly70s.jpg (84540 bytes) Scott Juhlin in the early 70s at a hill in Buffalo, MN.  Dig that ribbed front tire!
scott970salt.jpg (52641 bytes) Scott Juhlin again circa 1981 at the Widowmaker - a few years later Scott won the Open class at the Bay City, WI nationals on this bike.
weaver.jpg (85173 bytes) "Goose" Weaver full-throttle on his KX 80
Truxton4801.jpg (16336 bytes) Chad Murray goes airborne at a now-defunct hill in Truxton, NY.  Rumor has it that the hill might be making a comeback though...
post-1-34799-jeffthomas.jpg (135415 bytes) Top AMA Pro Jeff Thomas at Billings, Montana.  Sick!  Jeff always was a little off-kilter, if you know what I mean...  Photo by Karel Kramer.

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