2000 XR 250 bundle with TONS of extra parts/accessories

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2000 XR 250 bundle with TONS of extra parts/accessories

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2000 Kawasaki KX 500 FOR SALE $1850. Regarding the engine: Langcourt Limited is a company that machine custom matches the cylinder to your piston using a combo of powdered metals and slick ceramic materials that not only lasts longer than the stock cylinder coats from the factory, but moves with less resistance. This is really important because in engine building all aftermarket pistons are undersized by quite a bit to universally fit all cylinders.
Also, in this engine build, Curtis Sparks, out of Bakersfield, California, trued my crank 5 digits to the right of the decimal point - unfortunately, I lost that receipt, but you could call him - I am sure he will remember doing my bike.
All internal/external seals/bearings have been replaced, only using top of the line or OEM parts.
There has been no porting at all, nor have I milled the head. The reason no porting has been done on this engine is because I wasn't sure if I was going to be strictly hillclimb or a duner. I get better fuel mileage than all my other friends who ride KX500s and my bike beats theirs off the bottom thru the mid. I am just too scared to go over 105 mph - otherwise, I am sure I would beat them on the top end, also.
This bike runs on pump gas.
Regarding the chassis: even though this bike is old, the chassis design is similar to KTM 450s chrome molly steel frames. In my opinion, they work better than the aluminum chassis, which are too stiff. This is why KTM still uses this design. Hands down, this bike is the best handling bike I have ever ridden in my life after I had it set up for expert hillclimbing by Race Tech out of Riverside, California.
Re: cosmetics: I am 52, old school and don't waste money on cosmetics, so much of the plastics that are on the bike were given to me by my KX500 friends, bought used, etc. I took off all my stickers so you can put yours on.
General info: I have about 1 hour of ride after engine break in. This bike is crazy fast. Suck up any big jump. I'll hit 7 ft whoops all day long, climb the biggest, steepest hills and can pretty much beat anybody in a drag race.
I have owned this bike for around 15 years and mostly rode in the Jawbone area of California doing hill climbs without extending the swing arm - I was gonna take it to the Big Nasty this September. This bike will climb anything out there without extending the swing arm. I do it in 3rd gear.
Selling it because my thumbs don't work very well now and it is hard to hang on. Time to retire. Also, I have a financial situation right now and need to sell it quickly. Thus the awesome price for this bundle.
Here is what's on the bike:
� Barnett clutch assembly - entire assembly, including friction, steel plates and springs
� Monster Carburetor - best carburetor for these machines - cost $550 for this alone
� VForce reeds
� Works Connection radiator guards
� Hot coil
� Cycra hand guards
� Scott's Steering stabilizer
� Race Tech - set up for 200 pound expert hill climb and dunes, cost almost $1000 for this alone - see set up sheet and receipt photos
� Wiesco aftermarket piston
� FMF Gold series gnarly pipe
� IMS pro serious footpegs
� Modified air box
� Uni filter
� Prototype hand built sand guard - made from a truck mud flap
� Felpro gaskets
� King sand front tire - pizza cutter
� Tusk flag holder
� Sand wedge rear tire
� Heavy duty gold chain
� Fat bar
� Fork protectors
� Desert skid plate
This bundle also comes with all the following additional KX 500 accessories and parts (not all are pictured, didn't have room):
� Lusk quick release sand flag
� Shinko rear tire - nice desert climbing tire - brand new tube - never been mounted
� Rear/front rims
� Extra high capacity Clark desert tank
� Sub frame
� Engine parts - most accessories including transmission, minus 2nd gear
� Electrical Stator
� Swing arm and linkage
� Brakes
� 5 gallon bucket half full of extra nuts, bolts, including brain, etc. - all from a KX
� Exhaust pipe guard
� Air box
� Rear/front fenders
� 2 extra seats
� 1 brand new, still in package, gripper skin black seat cover - you can install on one of your 3 seats
� Side plates - 2 white and 2 green
� Cables
� Exhaust
� Rear/front stock sprockets
� Hoses
� Stock extra coil
� There are more extra parts not pictured - gasket sets, ring sets, extra fluids, etc. - still gathering more as I find them for you
You have the VIN number - I will give you a bill of sale. I never had a pink - didn't need one where I rode. It is verified by the Sutherlin, Oregon police as not stolen. I don't know about other states, but the Oregon DMV has a process to register it here - I will give you the paperwork they require to do this, if you need it.
We have 30 acres, but you probably won't be able to get it out of 2nd gear here. I need cash in hand before you ride it for obvious reasons.
Priced to sell at $3000 - no trades, cash only.
Call Joe at 541-459-4440 (landline, no texting available, please leave a message if I don't answer - I will call you back asap)
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Re: 2000 XR 250 bundle with TONS of extra parts/accessories

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