Attention Montana Riders!

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Attention Montana Riders!

Post#1 » Mon May 06, 2013 1:14 pm

I just got a note from Billings M/C:

This Weds, May 8, at 7:00 pm the BLM is having an open meeting to discuss the closure of the South Hills area as well as the shooting range out in Shepherd. This is important so please plan on attending.

As riders, we have lost an immense amount of open riding land because of environmental groups and other private parties who don't see the value of a wide range of public use on government lands. These groups have usually gotten their way because we as riders have not spoken up early and often to make our position known. It is really important that we make a point of being heard in public forums like this if we want to be able to ride on public lands.
Please plan on attending the meeting on Weds night, be prepared to listen, be prepared to speak and most importantly, be prepared to get involved as there are groups who would like to see motorcycles permanently banned from riding off road. Remember, civil discourse is just that, a civil discussion among people with differing views with the goal of reaching some common ground.
In addition to making your voices heard, the BMC feels this is important enough that they are giving everyone who attends one hour of work party credit so make sure you talk to Mike Weiland at the meeting so your hour gets recorded.
BLM Meeting
Weds, May 8, 2013
Hampton Inn
5110 Southgate Dr
Billings MT 59101

It's crucial for local riders and enthusiasts to make their views known in these public forums, and to contact their elected representatives to make sure they understand your position on important topics like this. It's incumbent upon us to make sure that we have the right to use public lands in the pursuit of our favorite activities - if we lose those rights because we didn't do our part to defend them, then the fault is our own.

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