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Post#1 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:16 pm

..."ask Ping";

Hey Ping!

Huge fan, think you’re funny, blah blah, blahbity, blah…..

So, I’ve got a loaded question for you. Or at least I think it’s loaded, and I’m doing my best to load it…but whatever, if you don’t think it’s loaded, think what you want…I couldn’t care less.

Anyway, to the point: as you are probably aware (and hopefully pissed off about), there is a massive radical environmentalist movement in this country. The environmentalists have every intention of completely banning all mechanized vehicles from federal land in this country via "national monuments" or "wilderness areas"; and in most instances they are circumventing congress by getting government bureaucrats-via what can only be described as a complete perversion of the Antiquities Act-to close 10’s and 10’s, and I dare say 100’s, of millions of acres of public land to OHV’s with the stroke of a pen in some backroom, with the doors locked and blinds closed deal with the environmentalists. And the worst part is that the environmentalists are-trail by trail and acre by acre-accomplishing their goal, despite the mostly grassroots efforts of some very dedicated groups (like the Blue Ribbon Coalition on a national level and hundreds of smaller state specific groups throughout the country). But it’s just plain not enough.

So what I need you to explain for me is WHY-IN-THE-WORLD the manufacturers, race teams, pro riders, gear companies, magazines, websites, aftermarket parts companies and every other genre of the dirt bike industry aren’t vocally, adamantly, and publicly fighting against this atrocity which is sure to have an extremely negative impact on their businesses and livelihoods?

There are a million things the industry could be doing to fight this crap (most of which are free), and yet I see NOTHING from the industry (okay that was a bit of an exaggeration…I see "almost" nothing from the industry). We need to raise awareness of this issue among our dirt bike brothers (and our redheaded step brothers the ATV riders, and our redneck cousins the 4X4 rock crawlers, and our sisters the mountain bikers)…with a little awareness, and a little education we could make huge progress in fighting this anti-OHV movement…but we need the industry to step up and help us out! So what gives?

I’m anxiously awaiting your reply!

DJ Gardner
Lehi, UT

Dear DJ,

Man, that really resonates with me. I was moved to the point where I actually had chills, especially when you said, and I quote, "…our red-headed step brothers the ATV riders." So deep.

Okay, seriously, this is a big deal. And I don’t know why more isn’t being done. Maybe everyone thinks it won’t happen in his or her area? Maybe we are all just inherently lazy when it comes to political stuff like that? I don’t know. What we really need, I think, is for someone to take the lead and make a big push nationally. I know I would get behind it but it’s difficult to know where to start on something so broad. If you have any ideas there please share them. In the meantime there is no reason every moto fan shouldn’t be involved with the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the AMA.

Thanks for the letter and the awareness.

"To the Top or to the Shop!"

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