Props to Powersport Grafx

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Props to Powersport Grafx

Post#1 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:45 am

...I don't normally promote the products/vendors that I get stuff from...but Powersport Grafx just did me a solid, so I thought I'd let everyone know about it.

Over 2 years ago I bought a graphics kit from them for a 1997 KTM 360 EXC that I'd gotten, kind of as a project bike. Like most of my projects, it pretty much sat there for a couple years...and I never really even looked at it. Then just recently I finally decided to fix it up, and upon laying the new plastic upon it, I discovered that the graphics I had printed up were incorrect...the radiator shroud graphics fit, but the numberplate graphics were for a different model.

Remember - I bought the graphics more than 2 years before I even looked at them.

I emailed Powersport Grafx and asked if they could help me out with it at all - to be honest, they didn't really owe me was my fault for not verifying the graphics were correct for more than 2 years. I'd have been happy if they offered me anything at a $10 discount on new stickers.

Well, forget that - PG just sent me freshly-made graphics for free. No problem at all, and I didn't even ask for it - that was the first thing they said when I contacted them.

That's an uncommon level of customer service, and because of that I thought I'd let everyone know. I will definitely be buying my graphics from Powersport Grafx in the future.


Baron of the Hill
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Re: Props to Powersport Grafx

Post#2 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:12 pm

You don,t find many companys like that anymore. Great to know.

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