Dan Hase

 May 30, 1953 - May 9, 2007


Former AMA Amateur National Champion Dan Hase has died in a traffic accident while riding his motorcycle - due to a car driver's failure to yield.  From his obituary "Advocacy to government representatives and to the AMA in support of greater consequence for failure to yield actions is greatly appreciated! Visit the AMA website www.ama-cycle.org."

Dan's sons, Daniel and Jonathan, sent this:

I wanted to share with the members of D23 the notice of passing for Dan Hase.  Dan was a hill climber and he truly was one of the Kings of the Hill.  He followed in his father's footsteps, ‘Big Don’ Hase, as he too was a hill climber.  Dan loved to win at anything, whether it was a game of tag around the yard or a hill climb, and it showed.  He won many events, many times he won the class championship and twice he won the AMA amateur national hill climb championship ('84' & '86') [200cc and 250cc].  

His family owned and operated Reliable Cycle in N.E. Minneapolis for nearly 50 years.  Recently he started Star Powersports in Linwood, MN.  It was a dream for him to make a living doing what he loved, which is and was anything related to 2 wheels.  He was 3 years short of achieving his free lifetime membership with the AMA, he almost refused to believe it however. Long time D23 rider, champ and friend Dan, was an awesome riding buddy and an elite rider.  He will be missed dearly by friends and relatives. He left us so suddenly, we all were unable to say good-bye.  

We love you Dad, you'll be in our hearts forever.   

Godspeed Dan!  We know you are riding wherever you are and you are kicking ass and taking names!

Dan's obituary in the Star Tribune.  There is also a guest book for him, also provided by the Star Tribune.