By: Bud Northrup
Cayuga, IN May 26, 2002

Randy ‘Rocketman’ Trosper has been the guy to beat in the Senior (+40) Class for quite a while, but he has now emerged as the fast guy in the 600 class also. Riding a Honda CR500, the 43 year old rider from Georgetown, Illinois, sailed over the top of the 150 foot Pleasure Riders hill in 3.789 seconds on his first ride, nailing down the class win and the Fast Time Award – a very nice trophy plus $100. Scott Petty, the District 15 Hillclimb Referee is riding very strong this year and was Trosper’s closest challenger, posting a 3.963 second time on his Honda for the win. Jason Northrup carded a 4.011 second time on his CR500 for third with Andy Fortner and Jared McKay running 4th and 5th.

In Senior Class action, Trosper and Petty met again, this time with Petty coming out on top with a 4.000 second class winning time, just barely good enough to edge the Rocketman, who delivered a 4.020 second time of his own. Darrell Trent, Gayle Jenkins and Kevin Weaver took the next 3 spots.

The Mayo twins, Damon and Nick, ride identical bikes and on this day turned nearly identical times. Nick was the 125cc class winner on his RM125 with a 4.539 second time, while Damon was only 2/1,000’s behind him with a 4.541 second time. Billy Hanes, Brent Bowman and Chris Senn took the 3rd, 4th and 5th places.

Tom Brown is unbeaten in five outings this year in the Open Stock Class, taking the win on his CR500 in 4.110 seconds – very quick for a non-extended machine! Jammie Brown ran second on his CR500 with Steve Shafer and Bud Northrup running 3rd and 4th.

Gayle Jenkins is also unbeaten this year in the Super Senior class, and the 56 yearold ‘Old Pro’ delivered a good 4.383 second run on his Honda for the win, followed by Bud Northrup and Keith Klett, both 59 years of age.

Jon Creek was an impressive winner in the 250cc class, flying his RM250 over in 4.134 seconds for the win. Kevin Ryan was also fast, posting a 4.189 second time on his KX250 for second place, and John Colbert rode his stock length YZ250 over in 4.233 seconds to claim the third place cash. Colbert returned in the 400cc Stock class with another strong ride, taking second place there.

In other amateur action, Jacob Tackitt claimed his first win in the 200cc class on his vintage KDX200, Paul Hillard took the 450cc class win and the ‘Wild Child’, Tom Daniels nailed yet another 750 class win. Steve Shafer was a triple winner, taking wins in the Open and Pushrod classes on his Harley and also winning the 600cc 4-Stroke class on his KTM550. R.J Watson grabbed the 400 Stock class first place money and Wade Garriott was the best of the Quad racers.

Dylan Brady topped the hill on his 50cc Polini in an incredible 5.388 seconds to bring cheers of appreciation from the crowd as he won the 50cc automatic class. Dakota Blakney also topped the hill on his Cobra, followed by Matt Gocken and Samantha Brown. The biggest crowd pleaser, however, was 4 year old Garrett Holycross who, got his 50cc 4-wheeler over the top – chased by a dozen hill workers, he just wouldn’t stop – and stopped the clock in 30.886 seconds – which has to be a hill slow time record!

Steven Joe ‘Goose’ Weaver was the quickest in the Junior Mini class with a 5.229 second winning ride on his KX85, but was pressed hard by Cody Rankin, who delivered a 5.246 second run on his YZ80 for second place. Alan ‘Big Al’ Petty took third on his Honda, with Justin Trent and Kieven Hillard riding their Kawasakis to the 4th and 5th place finishes.

Donnie Barber III picked up and impressive win in the Senior Mini class, carding an excellent 4.998 seconds on Kevin Bonds KX80. His closest competitor, Richard Miller III stopped the clock in 5.180 seconds. John Gocken, Bobby Senn and Joe Gregory took the next three places.


50CC Auto: 1.Dylan Brady (Pol), 2.Dakota Blakney (Cob), 3.Matt Gocken (Act), 4.Samantha Brown (KTM), 5.Garrett Holycross (Hon).

85CC Jr: 1.Steven Joe Weaver (Kaw), 2.Cody Rankin (Yam), 3.Alan Petty (Hon), 4.Justin Trent (Kaw), 5.Kieven Hillard (Kaw).

85Cc Sr: 1.Donnie Barber III (Kaw), 2.Richard Miller III (Hon), 3.John Gocken (Kaw), 4.Bobby Senn (Kaw), 5.Joe Gregory (Kaw).

125CC: 1.Nick Mayo (Suz), 2.Damon Mayo (Suz), 3. Billy Hanes (Hon), 4.Brent Bowman (Kaw), 5.Chris Senn (Hon).

200CC: 1.Jacob Tackitt (Kaw), 2.Brent Warfel (KTM), 3.Josh Denson (Kaw), 4.Keith Klett (Kaw).

250CC: 1.Jon Creek (Suz), 2.Kevin Ryan (Kaw), 3.John Colbert (Yam), 4.Don Barber Jr (Hon), 5.Jared McKay (Yam).

450CC: 1.Paul Hillard (Yam).

600CC: 1.Randy Trosper (Hon), 2.Scott Petty (Hon), 3.Jason Northrup (Hon), 4.Andy Fortner (Hon), 5.Jared McKay (Kaw).

750CC: 1.Tom Daniels (Kaw), 2.Andy Fortner (Kaw), 3.Jason Northrup (Kaw), 4.Joshua Brown (Yam), 5.Paul Hillard (Kaw).

OPEN: 1.Steve Shafer (H-D), 2.Jason Northrup (Yam), 3.Roger Riddell (Kaw).

SENR: 1.Scott Petty (Hon), 2.Randy Trosper (Hon), 3.Darrell Trent (Hon), 4.Gayle Jenkins (Hon), 5.Kevin Weaver (Hon).

SSNR: 1.Gayle Jenkins (Hon), 2.Bud Northrup (Hon), 3.Keith Klett (Kaw).

PROD: 1.Steve Shafer (H-D).

400 STK: 1.R.J. Watson (Kaw), 2.John Colbert (Yam), 3.Chris Francis (Hon), 4.Matt Ringstrom (Kaw), 5.Andy Fortner (Hon).

OPN STK: 1.Tom Brown (Hon), 2.Jammie Brown (Hon), 3.Steve Shafer (KTM), 4.Bud Northrup (ATK).

QUAD: 1.Ryan Garriott (Yam), 2.John Barna (Yam), 3.Brad Franklin (Suz), 4.David Brown (Hon), 5.Wade Garriott (Hon).

600 4-Stk: 1.Steve Shafer (KTM), 2.Bud Northrup (ATK).