By: Bud Northrup

Mt Vernon, Il Sept 29,2002

There’s a new ‘young gun’ in Illinois hillclimbing, and his name is Josh Denson. The fifteen year old rider from Neoga has been very effective in the 125cc class for some time, this year claiming the Illinois State Championship and finishing fourth in the Nationals. But Josh wants to ride with the really fast guys, so recently started running in the ultra-competitive 600cc class on a KX500. He made his presence felt at the King City Dirt Riders hillclimb on September 29 (the final hillclimb in D-17), as he flew over the top of the 180 foot hill in 4.209 seconds on his second round ride to snatch the class win from Nate Simenic, and also claim the coveted Fast Time Trophy. Simenic had set the fast time in the first round with a 4.221 second run on his KX500, but had to settle for second after the Denson dash. Class point leader ‘Fast Andy’ Fortner took third on his CR500 in 4.257 seconds, with Gary Slater and Jared McKay running 4th and 5th.

Scott Petty, the D-15 Hillclimb Referee, took his second win of the doubleheader weekend with a 4.414 second run on his CR500 in the Senior (50+) class. Kevin McKay was his closest challenger with a 4.622 second run on his KX500, with Darrell Trent, Gayle Jenkins and Mike Bacon filling the next three spots.

Randy ‘Buzz’ Green flew his Harley over the top in a good 4.351 seconds to take the Open Class win with David Price running second on his bigbore Triumph and Jason Northrup third on his ‘YZ1220F’ Yamaha. Price, driving in all the way from Maryland, brought his Triumph back for the win in the Pushrod class with a 4.616 second run. Tim Wiggins took second on his Triumph with Gayle Jenkins running third on the Buzz Green Harley.

Jenkins finished the year with a win in the Super Senior class – the class point leader sailing over the top in 4.555 seconds on his CR500 for the win. Keith Klett grabbed second place on Bud Northrup’s YZ250 with Northrup running third on a CR500.

Perhaps the most entertaining ride of the day came at halftime when 9 year old ‘Dangerous’ Dylan Brady challenged 60 year old Bud ‘Oldbud’ Northrup to a drag race. Brady, riding his 50cc Polini, pulled the holeshot and beat Northrup and his ATK600 over the top – to the delight of all those present. Dylan observed that he ‘smoked the old geezer’. Bud’s response – ‘what do you expect – he has the horsepower/weight advantage!’ Right!!!

Brady also took the 50cc class win, sailing his little Polini over the top in 5.931 seconds. Jeremiah Lyday took second on his PW50 in 8.997 seconds while Logan Moody topped the hill in 11.222 seconds and Samantha Brown topped out in 14.183 seconds.

In other youth class action, Kevin Bond claimed the 85cc Junior Mini class win with a 5.282 second run on his KX80, with Justin Trent, also riding a KX80 posting a 5.313 second run for second. Senior Mini Class point leading Mike Popham rode his YZ85 to a 4.912 second win with Chad Cox taking second on his CR80 in 5.220 seconds.

In other amateur class action, Brent Bowman was the 125cc class winner with Chad Cox second, Jake Tackitt won the 200cc class with Gordon Green second, and Gary Slater claimed the 250cc class win with Jared McKay coming in behind him. Paul Hillard was the 450cc class winner with Bill Stark second, Andy Fortner took the 750cc class win in front of Jason Northrup, and Paul Hart was the fastest in the 400 Stock class with Matt Ringstrom second. Jammie Brown took the Open Stock Class win over Mike Bacon, Curt Randall was the 600 4-Stroke winner and Casey Kimble was best of the Quad riders with Paul Hillard second.


50CC: 1.Dylan Brady (Pol), 2.Jeremiah Lyday (Yam), 3.Logan Moody (Hon), 4.Samantha Brown (Suz).

85CC Jr: 1.Kevin Bond (Kaw), 2.Justin Trent (Kaw), 3.Steven Joe Weaver (Kaw), 4.Cody Rankin (Yam), 5.Adrian Book (Hon).

85CC Sr: 1.Mike Popham (Yam), 2.Chad Cox (Hon).

125CC: 1.Brent Bowman (Hon), 2.Chad Cox (KTM), 3.Nick Mayo (Suz), 4.Damon Mayo (Suz), 5.Paul Hart (Hus).

200CC: 1.Jake Tackitt (Kaw), 2.Gordon Green (Kaw), 3.Keith Klett (Kaw).

250CC: 1.Gary Slater (Hon), 2.Jared McKay (Yam), 3.Jon Creek (Suz), 4.Kevin Cappello (Yam), 5.Gordon Green (Yam).

450CC: 1.Paul Hillard (Yam), 2.Bill Stark (Kaw), 3.Scott Petty (KTM).

600CC: 1.Josh Denson (Kaw), 2.Nate Simenec (Kaw), 3.Andy Fortner (Hon), 4.Gary Slater (Hon), 4.Jared McKay (Kaw).

750CC: 1.Andy Fortner (Kaw), 2.Jason Northrup (Kaw), 3.Paul Hillard (Kaw).

OPN: 1.Randy ‘Buzz’ Green (HD), 2.David Price (Tri), 3.Jason Northrup (Yam).

SENR: 1.Scott Petty (Hon), 2.Kevin McKay (Kaw), 3.Darrell Trent (Hon), 4.Gayle Jenkins (Hon), 5.Mike Bacon (Mai).

SSNR: 1.Gayle Jenkins (Hon), 2.Keith Klett (Yam), 3.Bud Northrup (Hon).

PROD: 1.David Price (Tri), 2.Tim Wiggins (Tri), 3.Gayle Jenkins (HD).

400 STK: 1.Paul Hart (Hus), 2.Matt Ringstrom (Kaw), 3.Andy Fortner (Hon), 4.R.J.Watson (Kaw), 5.Jason Northrup (KTM).

OPN STK: 1.Jammie Brown (Hon), 2.Mike Bacon (Mai), 3.Bud Northrup (ATK).

QUAD: 1.Casey Kimble (Yam), 2.Paul Hillard (Yam), 3.Brad Franklin (Hon).

600 4-Stk: 1.Curt Randall.